The Anti-Corruption Press

The Anti-corruption press

I was at the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases a few weeks back when Kannada actor Darshan Togudeepa was admitted there while in judicial custody. At that time, there was a gentleman there who was hanging around near the hospital claiming to belong to a television channel that is association with anti-corruption. He said the channel was headquartered in Delhi and even produced his ID card as shown above.

Attempts to contact the numbers provided on his ID card proved futile. Those who answered the phone seemed to be unaware. I am not even sure if the address provided is a fake one.

On the whole, it seemed quite weird. Not sure if there are many such claimants walking around in the country.


12 thoughts on “The Anti-Corruption Press

  1. very nice trace the person this is true the owner mobile number 09874364704 he live in kolkatta he is more cheating business still he started onlinesurvey business to many people effect the cheat person. Pl trace out and action.

  2. Dear Sir, i would like to kindly request you to introduce about this The Anti-Curruption Press, New Delhi and its activities to join hands to work for curruption free society in India and by which your suggestion and guidance can join in as soon as possible at the earliest time please.

  3. i make cheat and murdered one lady and make sexual assault

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