Memories from school

The past few weeks have rekindled a lot of memories for me about school. For one, it’s because I’m staying with my childhood friend from school at her home in the United States. We have been exchanging stories from school, bugging our husbands in the process.
M has an amazing memory. So she reminded me of things I had completely forgotten about. Some even useless, as she would say!

Annoying classmates, angry teachers, practicing for the school day, sports day rehearsals. It has been nice recalling those days that now seem like a different lifetime.

The time that I was robbed of my earrings in first standard, along with a classmate.

The prasadam we were fed by Gowri Miss in sixth standard.

Being caught for copying in the pre-final exams in tenth standard.

Having to by-heart a particular chapter from the Bhagavad Gita for a chanting competition.

Being told that girls can only salwars/chudidhar on ‘colour dress’ days.

My sister being called to class when I got 1 out of 10 in Kannada dictation (In the next day’s dictation I received a whopping 10 on 10. Woohoo!).

Particular classmates competing with you because you scored higher than them.

Copying notes from friends.

Bunking school a day before tests began. And then being punished for it.

Picnics to Nandi Hills.

Childrens’ day programmes.

Singing in the school choir.

Dictating notes.

Being hit on the palm/knuckles with a wooden ruler when you didn’t know the right answer.

Having to get your answer sheet signed by a parent. (I would always do it in the morning before leaving for school hoping that way dad wouldn’t yell at me!)

Debates. Extempore. News reading.

Forming a line to go to class or when leaving class.

Walking in pairs, especially when we are taken outside school.

Being late for Assembly in the morning.

Checking if shoes are clean and nails are cut. (Job of the Captains)

Leaving a class mid-way in glee when you are called for school day practice.

Playing the kettle drum in the school band.

Saree drill.

Being compared to an older sibling who happened to have studied in the same school.

Making charts. (Which my brother did for me and I had to beg him to do it, because I can’t draw a straight line to save my life)

Oh, there is so much more! What are your memories from school?

One thought on “Memories from school

  1. PERFECT !! Reminiscence of those stored deep in the heart !!! With this post, you have also taken the readers through their good old days.. Aww!!, they never return.. In those days, the best thing about school life is one didn’t attain maturity even by the 8th or 9th standard… and that made living more easier..! Mind you, Maturity always brings in “Responsibility”, “Priority”, “Survival of the Fittest”, “Fear” and the list is endless… But now, days have changed,,(in fact, they are subjected to change..), school life has become much more serious, loading students with tons of homework, making them more accountable at such tender age… Nevertheless, Well Written.. 🙂

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