While I do not have too many aunts I am close to, I take my role as an aunt very seriously. And being an aunt is very special. I should know. Because I have three beautiful nephews aged 9, 3 and 1.

Nephew Number One. He is obviously my favorite. Being the youngest in my family, I always secretly yearned for a younger sibling. And it happened in 2006, when S was born to my brother and sister-in-law. I call him my younger brother because that’s exactly how I feel about him. I feel protective of him like a parent/guardian but have as much fun with him like a sibling/friend. He is a powerhouse of information, and by far one of the smartest people I have ever met. From dinosaurs to dog breeds to states and capitals to space, he has all sorts of facts at his fingertips. He knows the Mahabharata inside out and enjoys asking us questions from it. And I always score negative marks because I know almost nothing about it. He regularly quizzes us on subjects he learns in school, and gives us points accordingly. Not surprisingly, my report card is almost always in the red.


I remember an incident with him back in 2010 when he was 4. It was Sports Day in his school and I attended it along with my sister-in-law. It was a sunny day and I was wearing my sunglasses. S was participating in a race and I have no idea what happened but I teared up. As i saw him running, I could feel nothing but an extreme amount of emotion and tears streaming down. Wearing glasses helped me that day and no one saw me crying. To this day, I don’t understand that unexpected surge of emotion. It has only made me love him even more.

Another experience with him happened in Bangalore. My sister-in-law, S and I were shopping on Commercial Street. S was probably around 3 or 4 years old and wasn’t enjoying being dragged around shops by us. Finally, at one shop, he sat on the floor and told us he needs to go potty. My sister-in-law and I quickly wound up and took an auto and rushed home. And surprise surprise, our man didn’t have to go potty. He lied to us! Because he wanted to get back home! A few days later, the three of us went back to that store. And S tells us, this is the shop where I told you’ll I want to go potty!

Did I tell you how smart he is?

S and I have had so much fun together. From making green-colored French toast for him, to sharing innumerable servings of ice cream to going on bike rides. The two of us share a special bond. Back in college, during exams, I would lock my room door and study. He was less than a year old then and would keep banging on my door until I opened. He has truly been the younger sibling I never had. I could never say no to him for almost anything. He turns 10 in a few months and I only hope he doesn’t think it isn’t too cool to hang out with his aunt every now and then.

Nephew Number Two. Now this guy is just the bestest. He is unapologetic, free-spirited, has his own mind and just the cutest little monster ever. A. I haven’t had too much time to spend with A. He is completely different from his elder brother S. A is close to his parents and never really liked being away from them even if they were in the next room. So I’ve never really had the opportunity to bond with him much. But I’ve seen his personality change in the last one year. And can’t wait to meet him in person soon.


While I only get to speak to him on FaceTime now, he is more aware of who I am and gives the warmest virtual hugs!

He has a huge craze for cars and loves lining them up in the most organized of manners. We still don’t understand everything he says but whatever he says just sounds adorable.

I hope, with time, I get to spend more time with him and we get to know each other better. Love you, A.

Nephew Number Three. Do you remember that FRIENDS episode where everyone wants to know who will get their baby if Ross and Rachel die? That’s exactly the question I ask my sister and brother-in-law! Because I would happily put V in my pocket and spoil him to no end. My husband and I absolutely adore this little ball of fur.

V is the newest addition to the family and is therefore the baby of our house. He is about 17 months old but the things he does some times seem like he is 33 or something.

I FaceTime with him almost everyday and he does nothing short of brightening it.


V is at a phase where he is trying to talk and copies every single thing we do. I happened to yawn one day, and every time you ask him what chithi (aunt in Tamil) does, he pretends to yawn! And he has recently started calling me chithi though he only gets the ‘thi’ bit.

This boy loves being photographed and is such a poser. We always manage to get some really good pictures of him. He loves food especially sweets. He loves the outdoors. He can make you laugh by doing the absolutely funniest of things including trying to stand on his head! I’ve also probably received the most number of virtual kisses from him. He definitely has me wrapped around his little finger.

I have been fortunate to see him grow from a crawling baby to an absolutely naughty toddler. Living in the same continent has definitely helped. In the years to come, I know he is going to grow into an even stronger personality and continue to put smiles on people’s faces.

Being an aunt

Being an aunt is nothing short of a blessing. The joy these three young men have brought to my life is immense. I am grateful I know them and love them with all my heart and more. If you have a niece or a nephew, call them, write to them or meet them and tell them how much you love them. And to all my other nieces and nephews (through cousins), I love you too!

And as cheesy as the quote goes, ‘Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend’.

I love being an aunt!


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