Vicky Donor’s got it all wrong

I recently watched the movie Vicky Donor, a movie that has received critical acclaim and box office success. I for one have some issues with some basic points made in the movie and probably also with the basic premise. The movie, no doubt, has opened up a discussion about sperm donation. However, the way it has approached this subject is quite abominable.
1. Sperm donation is generally known to be done anonymously. And one does not go to an infertility clinic seeking donor sperms. An infertility clinic offers options. One of them could be sperm donation. The infertility clinic wouldn’t have to manually go in search of these donors. They would ideally have to deal with a sperm bank. I’m not too sure how this was done or if this was even done before the concept of sperm banks came about. Vicky Donor seems to throw black paint on all of this and Dr Chaddha goes hunting for the best sperm ever.
2. Sperm donation cannot happen from just one person. There are rules and regulations about how many times you can donate. In the movie, we see the protagonist fathering 53 babies. I mean, come on, that is not only not possible but also illegal. If the same person donated sperms, it would mean seeing similar genes in a section of people which is not really a good thing.
3. A sperm donor never really comes in contact with the person/family that receives it. Here of course we see the lead character showing off his ‘prodigies’ to his wife.

But I guess what really misses the mark for me with this movie is the fact that the problem of infertility seems to be taken so lightly. Coming of age is one thing. Being plain immature about it is another. That too for entertainment.

A big thumbs down for me.