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Why Baby Falak should not survive

Campaigns are being carried out, doctors are said to be working overtime, print and television media are all rooting for Baby Falak’s survival.

Even as the nation prays for this infant, I, from the bottom of my heart am praying for her not to survive.

And it’s not with a hard heart. We must understand that Falak is just a precious two years old. She is suffering from several serious infections and is barely conscious, moving in and out of an extremely critical condition to a slightly better but still critical condition. Doctors have said her chances of survival have reduced. Less than 50 percent now. And even if she survives she could end up being in a vegetative state or with severe mental problems. Falak will not be able to lead a ‘normal’ life.

In this case, is it fair for an entire nation to root for Baby Falak’s survival, especially when the reality is that she is not going to be a ‘normal’ child?

Is it fair for us to ask for a child to live despite the condition that she is in? Just because we think that every one has the right to live, we cannot assume that that is what is right, especially under such extreme medical conditions.

Baby Falak’s case is a mirror of how children, a majority of them, are living in our country. Even in urban cities like Bangalore, you can still see little children defecating on the streets. Is this what we want for our children? Is this what they deserve?

Baby Falak is struggling to breathe, with tubes attached to her. She lies in that secluded hospital bed, silently, unable to explain her pain to the rest of us. It could be the worst ever feeling. I only hope for her to have the strength to go through what she is going through.

If Falak does not have the opportunity to live a life of dignity, she definitely does not deserve to live one with tubes and needles. There is only so much that a tender body can take.